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National teams 05.08.2019

Switzerland with the W Vs. Portugal !

Der NBA-Star bucht 16 Punkte, die Schweiz schlägt Portugal mit 77:72.

Den Schweizern ist der Start in die EM-Vorqualifikation geglückt. Die Auswahl rund um NBA-Star Clint Capela schlug Portugal dank einem Steigerungslauf mit 77:72.

Nach 14 Minuten hatte das Schweizer Team bereits mit 17:27 in Rückstand gelegen, den knapp 3000 Fans in Freiburg schwante Böses. Doch das Heimteam fing sich in der Folge auf und konnte bis Spielmitte ausgleichen. Dank des überzeugenden Punkteverhältnisses von 21:12 im Schlussviertel zog das Team von Gianluca Barilari noch an den Portugiesen vorbei.

Nun gegen Island

Erfolgreichster Werfer im Schweizer Team war Dusan Mladjan mit 21 Punkten. Capela kam auf 16 Punkte und 11 Rebounds. Das nächste Spiel steht am kommenden Samstag in Reykjavik gegen Island auf dem Programm.

Post game reactions

Coach Gianluca Barilari

I think we played a good first half, but in the third quarter we didn’t put the same energy and they took advantage of it, especially on the offensive boards. At the end of the game we came out big and we found a way to manage the key possessions which brought us the victory.

Clint Capela

The experience of playing again for my country in front of this public was amazing. We brought a lot of energy and toughness. It wasn’t easy at the beginning of the match, they came out hard but we’ve reacted well and I can say that today was a good day. In Europe there is less space but I was prepared and honestly I did like it because it has been a men game. I didn’t feel the pressure actually, I’ve just played at my best and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be on the court with my teammates.

Assistant coach Sergio Ramos

In the first half, we’ve been good on the defensive end except for the rebound and consequently they had too many second chance points. In the second part, we continued to defend well and we made some big threes, but at the end Switzerland came back strong and some stupid fouls costed us the game. We knew that Clint would’ve had an impact defensively so we tried to use the pick’n’pop to take him out of the paint. It’s disappointing to lose the first game, but I’m sure that we are going to react as a team. Congratulations to Switzerland.

Joao Guerreiro

We move the ball well. We are a smaller team and our job was to be aggressive on the rebound because their guys are big. We were able to follow these instructions almost the whole game, but Switzerland fought hard and unfortunately they took the win.


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