Formulario iscrizione corso Minibasket pdf (202.53 KB)
Calendario formazione Minibasket 2024-2025 pdf (30.03 KB)
Calendario formazione Minibasket 2023-2024 pdf (29.96 KB)
Movimento e controllo del corpo (FR) pdf (232.74 KB)
Le postazioni (DE) pdf (1.37 MB)
La coordinazione pdf (422.38 KB)
Il tiro pdf (474.28 KB)
Il terzo tempo (FR) pdf (416.76 KB)
Il passaggio pdf (585.17 KB)
Gioco veloce pdf (731.86 KB)
Gioco in avanti pdf (441.48 KB)
Forme di gioco ridotte pdf (383.50 KB)
Esercizi coordinazione pdf (148.59 KB)
1vs1 Minibasket pdf (798.82 KB)
Importanza dei canestri regolabili nel Minibasket pdf (170.93 KB)
+Basketball pdf (676.65 KB)
Pallacanestro a scuola pdf (3.71 MB)
Minibasketball philosophy pdf (11.68 MB)
La carta del bambino pdf (551.23 KB)
Basket per bambini - Concetto Swiss Basketball pdf (5.68 MB)
Sistema passerella pdf (27.11 KB)
Regole di gioco Mini Basket pdf (282.70 KB)
Sessione E pdf (389.46 KB)
Sessione D pdf (201.79 KB)
Sessione C pdf (305.12 KB)
Sessione B pdf (280.75 KB)
Sessione A pdf (288.80 KB)
Clinic 2023 - Body control and movement (Fanny Spengler)
Clinic 2023 - Anticipation and choice (Fanny Spengler)
Clinic 2023 - Station work (Oliver Berger)
Clinic 2023 - Collaboration to competition (Oliver Berger)
Combinations dice
Combinations hit the spot
Combinations ladder
Combinations mirror cones
Defense close the door
Dribbling animals
Dribbling baskalaska
Dribbling cars
Dribbling copycat
Dribbling islands
Dribbling on your marks
Dribbling snowman
Dribbling trains
Dribbling trees
Game development joker
Game development three cones
Il terzo tempo
Material tips and tricks
Passing by the numbers
Passing open lane
Passing over the ocean
Passing transportation
Shooting catapult
Shooting make ten
Shooting nose ear
Shooting stations
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